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On this page you will find answers to some frequently asked questions that appear to users when using Party Dwarf. If the answer to your question is not on the list below, please contact us.

Why Party Dwarf does not play sound?

Maybe the battery is empty, try to fill Party Dwarf and then try to play music again.
If you are using Party Dwarf only to listen music from other devices, it might be a problem in poorly inserted cable - make sure the cable is properly connected on both ends.

Why is the volume low?

For low volume level there are many possible explanations:
  • Party Dwarf is set to low volume,
  • Spent battery,
  • Noise in the surrounding,
  • The basis on which Party Dwarf is attached is too soft, too hard or too small.

Why is the sound quality poor?

The problem is probably in incorrect installation (inadequate basis, lack of basis, ...). It is also possible the file contains poor quality sound.

Party Dwarf gets hot. Why?

Overheating can occur due to high voltage, potential loads or prolonged operation. Stop using it for some time, then try to re-use. If the problem persists, contact service.

How do I use the glass mount or wood mount correctly?

The mount is easy to use. You need to make sure that the sticky gel pad is protected with the paper sticker prior to screwing the Dwarf in place.
Do not cross thread (strip) or over tighten the speaker into the mount.

Can I transfer sound files directly from my computer using the cable and the USB connections?

No. The files are transferred by inserting the Micro SD card into the appropriate computer slot and transferring the MP3 files from the Music directory on your computer, onto the Micro SD card.
The USB connection only charges the lithium ion battery or powers the Dwarf and does no transfer files.

Do you remove the paper prior to operating a Dwarf speaker on a flat surface like a table?

Yes. The paper is removed (please keep) in order to allow the speaker to temporarily adhere to the surface that you intend to "play" music on. Please ensure that the flat surface is reasonable clean and free from loose debris that will stick to the pad on the Party Dwarf. Replace the paper when not in use to keep the gel pad protected.

How do I replace the batteries on the 5 watt speaker?

The 5 watt Party Dwarf speaker has a built in lithium ion battery that is not user serviceable. The battery is like those you find in an iPod or similar device. It is a rechargeable battery that does not require replacing.

Is Micro SD card included with the 5W Dwarf speaker?

Yes, with Party Dwarf you also get 2 GB Micro SD card with pre-recorded songs.

What songs can I play using my Micro SD card reader on the 5W Dwarf Speaker?

The Micro SD card must have MP3 format songs (files) located in the root directory. Encrypted MP4s (for example downloaded files from iTunes) will not play directly on the Party Dwarf. These files must be converted to MP3 format before they can be played on the Party Dwarf speaker.
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