Party Dwarf

Party Dwarf

Pink Dwar Blue Dwarf Green Dwarf Silver Dwarf Red Dwarf Black Dwarf

everything included


mount for attaching to any smooth surface


easy mounting on glass


mount for permanent installation on the closet, door ...


innovative vibration technology


microSD with USB adapter for quick transfer of your favorite songs


cable for charging and connecting to other devices


connecting with computer or phone is simple

Every hard surface can be transformed to a speaker! Party Dwarf produces powerful vibrations, which are then passed on the underlying surface. It can be desk, chair, window, door, simple carton box or hood of a car. Any of these surfaces can become real surround system. You will be amazed how Party Dwarf can make same music sound different on each surface.

Party Dwarf is simple to use. Just put it on a surface and you will be surrounded with great sound. Without awkward speakers and annoying cables. Just a small dwarf, easy to take with you.

Party Dwarf already contains pre-recorded music of world famous artists (UMEK, Gramatik, M.U.D.D. ...). You can also upload your own music. Party Dwarf can be used as standalone music player or it can be connected to another device (computer, phone, FM radio, etc.) and used instead of a speaker. Sound spreads evenly in a circle around the unit which makes it ideal for presentations.

The package comes with MicroSD memory card with capacity of 2 GB, USB adapter for Micro SD memory cards, glass mount and wall mount.

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