Party Dwarf

Why is special?

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Sound produced by vibration speaker highly depends of underlying surface. Particularly important are the type of surface and its size. When used on different surface types (glass, plastics, wood, etc.) different quality of sound is produced. The size of the surface affects the intensity of the sound (larger surface helps producing louder is the sound).

Vibration speaker produces equal sound in all directions.. From the charts below we can notice that in the 10 kHz range the sound field of Party Dwarf is much larger and more equally distributed around the center (right chart) than the one of the conventional speaker (left chart):

Traditional speaker sound field
The traditional speakers at 10 kHz.
Vibration speaker sound field
The vibration speakers at 10 kHz.
Normal speaker Party Dwarf
Sound media Paper bas in box Any flat solid surface
Quality Always the same Different surface creates different sound quality
Attenuation High attenuation in short distance Very low attenuation in long distance
Direction Dramatic direction 360° omnidirectional sound
Power Low input, low output Low input, high output
Size Bulky, impractical Tiny, portable
Appearance Conventional style Futuristic style

Comparison of traditional speaker and Party Dwarf.

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